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Default AV policy behavior in email C360 -odd !?

I have Default message scanning policy "Scan for viruses only" selected. Still end users gets messages, where virus (attachment) has been removed and message is repaired (!) and delivered. I don't have "Scan and repair viruses" selected, but still it seems to do the job. And there is no option where to set "Drop Message" in the Repaired Messages field.

I must have something configured in the repair -policy that is upper (in the order) than Virus infected mesasge policy. Virus infected message policy says that Drop Message, if virus is in the message or atatchment.

Can this behavior be changed or is this a bug ? I updated recently to 6.5.3-007, and since end users haven't reported this behavior me before, could this be the new release bug..?

I put a content filter policy, which will drop all this kind of messages to keep the end users calm, but there should be better way to do this. This problem occured while christmas and these are christmast cards send by: and they all contans a virus/rojan. I also managed to make an upgrade from previous release to 6.5.3-007 before christmas.


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Re: Default AV policy behavior in email C360 -odd !?


You have to define the action aplied to message (see attachments)


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Re: Default AV policy behavior in email C360 -odd !?

The GUI is not logical for me and that was the problem. Thanks for the tip.

If I unselect " ", and click anywhere in the background, ONLY then the "repaired message" -action is greyed out (cannot not be configured, and seems to be disabled). But if I unselect it and I don't just click to then background, the "repaired message" stays in place (selected and configured). So, clicking the background "refreshes" the page. Another thing: those two Message scannig and Repair message sections should be grouped together, since they affect to each other.