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Delivery queue monitoring


Is there any way to monitor if there are emails in the delivery queue unsent ?

Or a way to monitor the number of undelivered emails still in delivery queue ?

I read something that this is impossible to monitor but there is a possibility using some scripts.


Please is there anyone that has done this already ?

It would be very helpful to me.




Cisco Employee

Please find the following KB

Please find the following KB articles to assist you in external monitoring:

Article #1339: SNMP best practices



Article #57: How do I monitor the health of my IronPort appliance?



Article #744: Where can I obtain the SNMP MIB and SMI files for Cisco Email and WebSecurity Appliances?



For full information regarding XML/SNMP monitoring:

XML, as you have requested more on, is used to monitor the statistics of email processed through the appliance.

For full documentation regarding XML – please see the Daily Management Guide (page 315).


SNMP can be used to monitory overall system health, including the hardware.

For full documentation regarding SNMP monitoring – please see the Daily Management Guide (page 306).


The Daily Management guide can be located at the following link, as is recommended to be downloaded from there due to the size:


*If you do require further specifics for monitoring, thresholds – I would suggest that you open a dialog with your Sales/Account team – as they also have tools in place that can assist with threshold monitoring, best practices, or get you in touch with Advanced Services to help implement.

New Member

Hello Robert,Thank you for

Hello Robert,

Thank you for your reply.

Actually I need to monitor the delivery queue of Ironport email security automatically.

I need to add it to a monitoring system like ManageEngine Opmanager and collect information using this system.




Cisco Employee

3rd party monitoring and

3rd party monitoring and external software/applications would be the responsibility of a customer, and/or vendor --- we'd only be able to assure that SNMP is setup and configured to be polled on the appliance --- the rest would be up to you to fully implement with the monitoring of your choice.


Sales Ops/Account team may be able to assist with further, or at least get you in touch w/ Advanced Services, which may be able to further aide and answer monitoring implementation.


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