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New Member

Distribution List and consolidation


We recently entered in the Ironport World and I have some questions concerning some features.

We have distribution list which must receive mails from outside.
Our problem is when a mail is forwarded to Spam quarantine a notification for end user quarantine is sent to the distribution list. However we cannot log with the email of the distribution list. I have enabled consolidation but same problem.

Is there a way for example to notify people who are members of the distribution list ? Therefore when a user will connect to his spam quarantine it can see emails for the distribution list which is member of.

Is it possible to define a specific query on LDAP consolidation ?

Thank you for your help.

New Member

Re: Distribution List and consolidation

hello IT!

welcome. can you post some specifics:

- asyncos version
- ldap server / version info
- ldap server profile settings
- ldap query syntax
- your specific email attribute(s) in the directory

then we can decide whether to use a diffferent consolidation query or perhaps an LDAP routing query instead.


andrew wurster

New Member

Re: Distribution List and consolidation

Hello Awurster,

Hereunder you will find more inofrmation as requested :

- asyncos version : 6.5.2-101
- ldap server / version info : Windows 2003 R2 Sp2 without certificates
- ldap server profile settings : Default profile from appliance
- ldap query syntax :(|(proxyAddresses={a})(proxyAddresses=smtp:{a}))
- your specific email attribute(s) in the directory : By default : mail

In fact it is nearly the same question as this link with public folders:

We are having also public folders and same problem on it.

Thank you for your help,

New Member

Re: Distribution List and consolidation

it looks like Kevin brought up plenty of valid points and a few good workarounds already in the other thread. I especially like Kevin's idea to bypass the quarantine and mark the suspect spam with a subject line or new header or something to signal the users that this was tagged as spam originally.

If this is a show stopper for you, maybe you could work with your account team or open a formal support case to investigate other options that may be available.