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Domino - SMTP Routes to Ironport

Hi gurus,

How do i edit the SMTP routes on my lotus domino mail server to point to the Ironport C350.

Any links or pdfs to provide please? thank you so much.

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Re: Domino - SMTP Routes to Ironport

Domino routing is setup via Connection documents.

You should create/modify the connection document from your Domino SMTP gateway to something similat than bellow..

Basics Tab

Connection type: SMTP
Source server:
Destination server: All Internet Hosts
Connect via: Direct connection
Destination domain: TheInternet
SMTP MTA relay host:

Replication/Routing Tab

Routing task: SMTP Mail Routing
Route at once if: 1 messages pending
Routing cost: 1

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Can use Smart hosts

We have set up our domino environment with relay hosts:

Domino Mail server --NRPC--> Domio Gateway Server --SMTP--> IronPort

First, you need to tell the Domino Infrastructure to route Internet Mails to the Domino Gatewa server(s). This is done via a Global Domain document and connection document (this is a std. setup).

For the Domino gateway server(s) create configuration document(s) with the following settings:

Relay host for messages leaving the local internet domain: [ip1,ip2]
Use authentication when sending messages to the relay host: Disabled
Local Internet domain smart host:
Smart host is used for all local internet domain recipients: Disabled

For the relay host setting:
You can specify one ip or fully qualified servername here (guess without brackets)
If you want multiple servers (e.g. because you have multiple IronPorts) you should use IP addresses in [] seperated by "," like [,].
Domino will try ip1 first. If ip1 is not available it will fall back to ip2.
You can have more than 2 ips listed but no mix of ip and fqn.
Note: I encountered problems when using fqns.

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Re: Domino - SMTP Routes to Ironport