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Drop connections from specific hosts/nets

Hi all.

I'd like to completely drop connections coming from some specific die-hard UCE mass mailers who keep hammering my mail system.

I blocked their IP ranges in my RAT with connection behavior set to either Reject or TCP refuse, but they keep trying anyway.

Both my boxes get about 50 connections/min night and day from these companies (even if they get rejected on the first box with a 554 error code, i.e. permanent failure, they try on the next box anyway, and try and try again...)

So, is there a way to do this with AsyncOS at the IP or TCP layer ?

Or do I need to do this on my firewall ?


PS: I miss Ironportnation. It was so much better than this...

New Member

Re: Drop connections from specific hosts/nets

Yeah? OK, I guess I'll block them at the firewall level.

Since I'll end-up droping the connection anyway, it somewhat makes sense to drop it as early as possible.

It would have been nice to keep all mail-related configuration in the same place though.

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