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Email in work queue

If some emails cannot be delivered and stay in the work queue of IronPort, how can I see all the mails in the queue?

New Member

Re: Email in work queue

The message that cannot be delivered will not be in the workqueueu but in the outgoing queue. You can find that on the outgoing mail delivery in the monitor tab (only the queue size not the specific message).
To see the specific message use the showrecipients command on the CLI.

(Machine)> showrecipients

Please select how you would like to show messages:
1. By recipient host.
2. By Envelope From address.
3. All.

Please enter the hostname for the messages you wish to show.

Showing messages, please wait..

MID/ Bytes/ Sender/ Subject
[RID] [Atmps] Recipient
264391988 309397 CIS Fixed Income Daily ( Rese
arch Distribution)
[320] [0]

264640122 262905 Ukraine/Exchange rate thoughts (
ING Research Distribution)
[320] [0]

264661441 793004 Prophet - The Financial Markets
Daily (Research Distribution)
[4] [0]


If you have found the message you are looking for Record the MID and use the showmessage command

(Machine)> showmessage

Enter the MID to show.
[]> 793004

That will show you the whole message.

Regards Peter.

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