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Email not making it outside my company

I've inherited Exchange, and I've been working on implementing a second Exchange server(2k7) and an IronPort C150. My plan is to move all the exchange users over to the new server and have the IronPort serve as the Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam. I don't have an "Edge Transport Server" configured, as I'm pretty sure the IronPort can do this. My question is how do I configure the IronPort to do this, then how to tell Exchange to look at the IronPort for this function? I've created a couple test accounts, and can send to them and reply from them internally just fine. When I send an email from one of them to outside the network, it never arrives.

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Re: Email not making it outside my company

These are some Support Portal KB articles that may help. If you're wanting to set up your Exchange 2007 server to relay mail from internal users, through the C150 and then out to the Internet, the articles below should help out.

1. How do I relay outbound traffic?

2. How to setup an Exchange 2007 server to relay all outbound mail

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Re: Email not making it outside my company

Additional Information:
I ran the Queue Viewer, and all 3 messages that I've sent are still in the queue. The Last Error says:
400 4.4.7 Message Delayed
The body of one of the messages reads:

Identity: Ex2007Server\5\20
Subject: This is test2
Internet Message ID:
From Address:
Status: Ready
Size (KB): 2
Message Source Name: FromLocal
Source IP:
SCL: -1
Date Received: 3/24/2009 11:01:34 AM
Expiration Time: 3/26/2009 11:01:34 AM
Last Error: 400 4.4.7 Message delayed
Queue ID: Ex2007Server\5

A quick google on this and it leads me to believe that there is a problem between my new exchange server connecting to IronPort to access the outside world. I've looked through the suggested links, and everything seems to be configured properly, but being this is my first time implementing Exchange and anything IronPort, I could be overlooking something.

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Re: Email not making it outside my company

I would suggest implementing the domain debug log on the IronPort appliance so that you can ascertain more information on why the C-series is getting a 4## smtp error code.

Possibly enable the domain debug log as it may shed light on why the destination is throttling your connection. After the log is created, you can try to re-deliver those mail. After this is done, you can delete those logs.

Using a domain debug log

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