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Error in MFC V1.4

I use Ironports Mail Flow Center V.1.4.0, but have trouble with some reports:

An error has occured:

The following report(s) failed during their scheduled run time:

'Volume Report by Domain - weekly' - Due to error: _mysql_exceptions.InternalError - (3, "Error writing file 'D:\\Application_Logs\\Mail Flow Central\\db\\Data\\tmp\\MY62' (Errcode: 28)")


Database size:
Using 41.03 GB of 50 GB (82.07 % full)

We store the data for 1 month and there is enough free space on the disk available.

What can I do ?

New Member

Re: Error in MFC V1.4

Mysql uses the temp directory when creating temp tables. Some reports (particularly the volume by user report) can consume a very large amount of this temp space (eg: 30 gig database uses as much as 6 gigs).

The solution is to:
1. Create more space on your c: drive.
2. Modify c:\my.cnf file to use an alternative location for temp space.

[make a backup of the c:\my.cnf prior to make edits to it]

Under the [mysqld] section add the following line
set-variable = tmpdir=E:/mysqltemp

Good luck.

New Member

Re: Error in MFC V1.4

Thank you very much, this could be the problem.
On C: are onle 6 GB space available.

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