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Export/Import Network Routing Table

Hi group,

is there a possibility to 1.) export the network routing table and than 2. to import the table to an other Ironport? Both machines are a c300 and running as a cluster.



Network routes

The way I did this was kind of ugly.

I did a saveconfig on both machines, copied them to my laptop, opened both in wordpad, copy/paste the different "paragraphs" needed. Put the config file back, and did "loadconfig".

Curious to see if you get answers that are more straightforward.


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Re: Export/Import Network Routing Table

That was also my first idea :) .

My Problem with this action is, I have clustered configuration and a loadconfig ist not possible...:-(

In the clustered config you could do a saveconfig, but don't a loadconfig...silly behavior...

So, any other kind of ideas - and it mussn't straightforward, when I haven't to write 300 Routes via the GUI...

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Re: Export/Import Network Routing Table

Routing info is a machine level configuration, changes to route config will not propagate through clusters -- each individual appliance is likely to need a different networking setup.

If you need to maintain that many routes, it may make sense to off load this task to a router. A router will most likely be easier to maintain in the long run.

If you need to keep all of these routes on your IronPort, one option is to drop both machines out of the cluster, use saveconfig/loadconfig to transfer the routing table, and then join the machines back to the cluster. BTW, it is not required to import the entire XML config, you can load partial sections.

Here is a Kbase article you may find helpful when transferring the config file.

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