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Feature Request or is there an easy way?

So we have the default setting of 100 entries in the SafeList/BlockList and I have a user at the limit and is asking how they can tell 'easily' which ones are still blocking mail and which ones are not.

I thought of just searching the mailbox for the e-mail address if it is listed in the e-mail notification from the SPAM Quarantine but a lot of the FROM addresses are truncated to the 'display/friendly' name.  Wondering if this should just always be the SMTP address??

Anyway, apreciate any thoughts or discussion.

Cisco Employee

That is correct: SLBL only

That is correct: SLBL only works on SMTP addresses.


If I understand correctly, the user wants to prune thier Block List by removing addresses that are not actively sending spam.  This is not easy, but it is something that the user can do themselves:


The user can log directly into the Spam Quarantine to see what mail has been stopped on thier behalf recently.  They would then access their SLBL through the Spam Quarntine to see what addresses they have configured for Blocking.  For each address listed, they would Search their Spam Quarntine for emails from that address.  They would then review the content of those emails to determine if they stilll want to block the specific address or not.


I hope this helps!


- Jackie