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File Corruption Errors


I'm working to resolve an issue that a user is experiencing, so any help would be appreciated.

The steps to cause the issue are as follows:

1.  User creates a word doc and a pdf

2.  User encrypts the word doc with the encryption within Microsoft Word

3.  User attachs both documents to an email

4.  User marks the email to trigger the outbound email encryption on the Ironport

5.  Email is encrypted as normal

6.  The recipient indicates that when they try to open the files, the pdf throws a file corrupted error

This doesn't seem to happen when the Microsoft Word encryption isn't used.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!                  

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File Corruption Errors

I have tested this on my lab systems.  I created a password protected Word file and attached that and a PDF to an email that was then encrypted and both the PDF and the Word doc opened correctly.  Details:

- Word doc saved in .doc format

- Envelope encryption using no password option

- Envelope opened using open online (i.e. without Java applet)

- AsyncOS 8.0.0-550

- opening environment Win 8 64 bit IE 10

I can attach the resulting envelope file for your user to test if that would help.

Have you tried open online?

Kind regards, Dave

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