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File not found error when opening securedoc.html

We are having a sudden issue where recipients of our secure envelope emails will open a message from us with attachments and they will get a "File Not Found" error message.

We are still using a Post X appliance, but no config changes were made whatsoever and this started happening since last weekend. (Oct. 9-11)

I did reboot the Post X box and thought the problem was fixed w/ the reboot. I sent a secure message to myself and then opened it along with the attachment and all was good. I sent the second test and the problem was back; "File not found".

I have noticed that when I get file not found the address bar in my browser is pointing to:

The time after rebooting when it did work it pointed to file on my local computer hard drive:


Any ideas what could have caused this sudden issue? How do we resolve? I have a call into support, but they have been researching it all day and our secure mail is down!

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