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fluctuating senderbase reputation score

One of our vendors has a SBRS that can change from 5 to none in under and hour. Is anybody else seeing this scenario?


The DNS TTL on the graph is an indication that I'm not getting stale data out of SBRS.

I was told by IronPort support that the vendor has a low mail volume and the SBRS adjusts accordingly. They also said they didn't have historical data, so I set about creating some of my own.

We have a very different mail flow policy between a SBRS of none and 5. My main concern here isn't that we don't have a work around for this vendor, but that this fluctuation doesn't match at all how my IronPort sales engineer told me SBRS works. I was explicitly told that SBRS changes, while dynamic, won't make sudden, drastic shifts. This is the only IP where I've seen this kind of behavior but I have concerns it's lurking out there for other IPs.

Cisco Employee

Re: fluctuating senderbase reputation score


I would suggest re-opening the issue with Customer Support, providing the data you collected. Customer Support can engage the group that handles SBRS for a finer-grained explanation of this IP address' rapid changes in score.


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