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Fragmented emails are blocked

Hi all,

One of our servers is sending a dump of its configuration to our vendor. This mail is fragmented and is always dropped by our Ironport applicance.

The mail is always sent to the same e-mail address (, so I created a new outgoing policy. This policy has as destination and virus scanning is disabled. But the mails are still dropped:

( 554 5.7.1 Fragmented emails are blocked.)

Any workaround?



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Re: Fragmented emails are blocked

Hello Wouter,

where do you see that the message is getting droppend, i.e. is the appliance not accepting it, or do the logs show anything? Maybe a filter that is active in the policy?



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Re: Fragmented emails are blocked

This is the mail we got:

This is an informative message sent by

The server was not able to deliver your email message

  Subject: 'Axio Systems NONE explorer.2411b787.zone09-2010.' (2 of 2)
  Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2010 11:02:51 +0200 (MEST)

to the following addresses:

  <> ( 554 5.7.1 Fragmented emails are blocked.) is the ip address of our ironport.


Re: Fragmented emails are blocked

Hello Wouter

"Fragmented emails are blocked" is not an IronPort error message, this message is given by postfix when a "Content-type: message/partial"
mail arrives.I believe this is some kind of Outlook functionality that splits messages with larger attachments into multiple parts, to get it trough gateways that have a size limit smaller than the attachment to be send. Obviously some mailserver do not like that because these splitted attachments can not be scanned for viruses.

According to Google Groups, this is the way to disable that functionality in Outlook:

Tools -> Accounts -> Mail -> Properties -> Advance

Uncheck: "Break apart messages........".



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Re: Fragmented emails are blocked

We explicitly block message/partials, and have done for years for fear that it's theoretically possible to get a virus past a signature-based anti-virus check that way. Never had any complaints. Does anyone know if this is a groundless fear?

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