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Global Safelist / Blocklist

Is there a way to have a global safelist / blocklist managed by the administrator? We don't want to enable end user quarantine.


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Re: Global Safelist / Blocklist

Yes, there is, but if you want it to be global, then you would have to enforce it in your "Mail Policies > Incoming Mail Policies" instead of the quarantine section.

The idea is that you would create two new, custom incoming mail policies, in addition to what you currently have + the default one.

The first one would be say, "Bypass Spam check" (aka Safelist). The admin would add all the email addresses or domains that you wanted to not perform anti-spam, thus not risking having their message go to quarantine.

The second would be say, "Automatic drop" (aka Blocklist). This admin would add all the email addresses or domains that you would like to not perform anti-spam, anti-virus checks on and instead have a content filter specific to this incoming mail policy. The content filters sole action is to drop.

In theory, these two new incoming mail policies will be global, similar to safelist/blocklist, and controlled only by the admin. If you decide to do any quarantining, it would only be accessible by the admin.

Let me know if this works for you.

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