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Good question...


I'm buying an ESA appliance with a support of X users (X mailboxes). I'm wondering how the appliance determines the number of used mailboxes and What could be its behaviour if this number becomes greater than the initial purchased number.

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Re: Good question...

the nr of mailboxes are not counted and therefor are not limited on the box. The only limitation is the throughput (Mails/Sec) which is only a question of Hardware resources ;-)


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Re: Good question...

I agree with you Adrian but when I bought my ESA appliance, it was supposed to work with a defined number of user. As an example, for a Blocker, you can get it with a 50, 100 or 200 users support. So I'm wondering when this figure is used by the ESA appliance?

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Re: Good question...

IronPorts are licensed on the number of users for the IPAS, Sophos, McAfee, & VOF. There are no hard limits other than hardware capacity, honesty and legal contracts are the limiting factors. Also licenses are renewed every 1-3 years, so user growth is re-evaluated at that time also. Be honest, about your user growth...growth is a good thing.

Also IronPorts come in different sizes, you won't be able to get 100,000 messages an hour through IPAS, Sophos, McAfee and VOF scan engines on a C100, but given an X1050 you will be pleased with the results :)

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