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Having more than one default Policy

Having more than one default Policy

Hi, I was hoping someone could lend me a hand to what I am hoping is a fairly simple piece of advice,

(I have inherrited an Ironport Mail filtering device due to staffing issues) - Ironport C160 7.1.2-020

We have a default profile which is applied to all of our Exchange mailbox owners which deals with the typical file type blocks, Profanity blocks, and spam blocks.

I would like to redesign the profanity filter so that it contains less mail blocking words, thus allowing more mail through to our users. But would like to run this as a test and apply it to only a select group of users, so I can see what sort of results I get.

This is where I could do with some help. At what level does the ironport default policy apply? is it at an exchange level, or at a user level?....I was hoping it would be at a user/security group level so that I could set up a test security group or similar and drop my test users in, However the Ironport GUI isnt that inuitive so i'm not quite sure.

And help, suggestions or comments would be hugely appreciated on how I could achieve this,

And if theres any info I have missed above or anything I can offer to help my question please let me know - Many thanks in advance

Jon Marshall

Cisco Employee

Having more than one default Policy

Hi Jon,

You can create a second policy based on recipients and apply the filter with the cut-down version of profanity dictionary.

There is default profanity dictionary added to the config by default and you can create a new one with your own list of words.

With the secondary incoming policy that based on recipients, you can use this for testing and leave the default policy alone for now. Once your testing result is sufficient, you can apply the cut-down version dictionary to replace the one configured in the filter of the default policy and delete the secondary policy that you use for testing.

Hope this helps.


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