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New Member

Help needed with reporting API

Hi Guys,

ok i have tried many things but i just cant seem to get to grips with the "" tool provided to produce reports.

I have downloaded a fresh copy from ironport, only changed the Hostnames and primary_config files as needed, but no matter what i do i get the following error when i run the tool.
"Argument "--" isn't numeric in addition (+) at C:\Ironport reporting\apireport-1-0\ line 264, <CSVFILE> line 2".

The othert thing is that the reports are produced but when you look at it the pie chart it just displays as a single state of all inbound mail being clean.

Any help or example scripts / config would be appreciated.


New Member

Re: Help needed with reporting API

I can now see that the report being produced IS only displaying the data for clean mail, hence the pie chart showing all mail clean, it just isnt displaying any other data but i dont know how to resolve this. When i look at the reports chart there is no data in the fields for anything other than clean mail so im presuming the process isnt either pulling in the data or processing it into the report

Any help would be appreciated thanks

New Member

Re: Help needed with reporting API

Anyone with any ideas, im totally stuck with this.


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