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High Water mark for ESA

Good Day!


I have a quick question for y'all, basically I have a client using the ESA and they are preparing to go through a renewal.  They bought 500 seats, but they don't know if they need to increase or decrease this license.  The question I have is that is there a way to either figure out (via some CLI command or through the API) a high water mark (the most number of users seen).  In an example, lets say a client has a 1000 mailboxes, but only 150 mailboxes are seen to have used it....




Currently the user licensing

Currently the user licensing is on the honor system. There is no report at this time, and the appliance are not going to stop work if it reaches 501 users.

The most important part is to size the appliance for the environment. Lucky for us the new Virtual ESAs make this even easier basically deploy how ever many appliances you need and apply your virtual license key.

With this said I would calculate how many users are expected to send and receive emails through all of your gateways, and then license that amount. You might have better luck pulling such information from exchange with a powershell script, or your e-mail archive solution. You will also want to make sure you number includes only actual mailboxes (One reason this number can be difficult to calculate). 

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