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Highly Available C350's

How can I get 2 C350's to share their config so I dont have to change settings on each appliance? I am a total newb to Ironport administration and welcome any help, tips, etc.

I'm pouring over the admin guides in the mean time.

Thanks in advance.



Answered my own question

Apologies for posting so quickly. I found the answer in the advanced user guide.

The feature is known as Centralized Management and allows for sharing of configs between devices of the same series and OS.

This is a licensed feature.

Thanks all...

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Re: Highly Available C350's

If you have Centralized Management feature key:
/System Administration/ Features Key/
you can connect devices into "cluster".

To do this:
1. Check ip connectivity between devices.
2. Connect to one by ssh.
3. Comand clusterconfig and answer for questions :lol:

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Re: Highly Available C350's

Although not as clean and easy as CM, you can also saveconfig from one appliance, edit the config file to change all the identity information (host names, IP addresses, etc.), and then loadconfig into the other. We did this for quite some time before CM came out. There is actually very little you need to change.

But if you've got the money to pay for CM, then by all means do so.