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New Member

Historical SBRS Scores

I was wondering if anyone has come up with a way to track historical SBRS scores.

Here's the scenario that this would be useful. We get calls all the time from SENDING companies that we are blocking there emails. We are pretty strict when it comes to the SBRS (<-2 Blocked).

Occasionally when we check the IP it is above -2. We speculate that the IP had fallen below the -2 range, but would have to grep through all the logs to find out for sure... which we do on occasion. It would AWESOME if Senderbase kept some historical scoring. It would be a lot of data, but very useful.

Any comments?


New Member

It would be nice...

Currently the only way to do it is to check the log though the last sendergroup can occasionally tell you what they last matched if you haven't gotten another attempt to the same box.

New Member

Re: Historical SBRS Scores

Ironport's competitor has something like I was looking for... to bad doesn't...

New Member

Trusted Source

Well, I got to admit I like the idea of being able to see the historical; however, with the way it is done on the trustedsource, I don't see how it changes more than once a day. They also seem to be much more simplistic (having only 4 values).

Ideally, I would like to see the overall for the day and be able to click on the day to get the hourly view. I have seen dramatic changes in the senderbase scores during the day on some domains.

New Member

I like it too

There are certainly things that could have been done better, but it actually looks pretty good. It almost kills me to admit those guys got something right.

New Member

Re: Historical SBRS Scores

Don't get me wrong... I like senderbase better then Trusted source...

With a historical view (even if it was just daily) I would be able to help my customers out much more.

For example, we get tickets from our users that someone they communicated with for the last year they suddenly can't get messages from. Usually it turns out there friend is using a shared web host and other users of that web host are sending spam and driving the SBRS down.

It would be SO helpful if I could look at 1 week, or 1 month and say over the last month IP X.X.X.X has had a lowering SBRS score...

I hope IronPort is reading this blog... :?)

New Member

There are many ironport employees that hang out here

Don't know how many are the ones that influence design though.