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how to block macro ?


i have C150 and i need to block macro or the entire file that contains macro.

no help on the knowledge base...
no option on the GUI...


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Re: how to block macro ?

Is this a macro that is contained in a Microsoft Office component? (e.g. Excel macros)

If this is indeed the case, you may need to send two sets of emails through the machine(one containing an attachment containing a macro and one without a macro) and archive those messages.

Then examine the archive file (it will be in RFC 822 /EML format, so you can open it up in Wordpad).

When examining the two messages, at one point, there should be a distinguishing line in the email containing the macro that you should be able to key off of using a dictionary per se.

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Re: how to block macro ?

Hi Kluu,

Could elaborate how to block macro in microsoft application?

Still not sure how to block it.

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Re: how to block macro ?

We need to examine the Internet headers/content type of a message thats contains a Microsoft Office macro. Once we have info, we can try to put in a filter to detect it.

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