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How to get bounce information from incoming mail (not from logs)


we're currently using a C300D appliance to deliver our newsletters with Async OS 7.1.2-020 release. We are parsing bounces and mails logs to retrieve soft and hard bounces and then purify our mailing database.

However, some of SMTP relays send bounce notifications by email to the return path address (which points to my C300D appliance). How could I parse these incoming mails to retrieve soft or hard bounce information with the mail address. Is it already implemented in the appliance or do I have to pop these mails and run a script to parse and retrieve information ?

Thank you for your help,


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Re: How to get bounce information from incoming mail (not from l

Hello Nicolas,

the delivery appliances are only able to provide information about direct bounces given at delivery. In the case you are talking about the remote server has accepted the message already, and the bounce will be generated by a follow up server. The appliance does not scan those messages for any information regarding the delivery failure, the only way you'd do that is to redirect all incoming traffic to an alternate mail server with scripting capabilities, and have it parse the messages for that information, the generate a report.

Hope that helps,

regards, Andreas

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Re: How to get bounce information from incoming mail (not from l

Thanks Andreas for your reply,

that's what I was thinking about... I tried to use Bounce Verification Tag with Destination control but for a 'delayed' bounce mail it is the same issue.. So I've to use external librairies to parse these mails and extract bounce information.

Thanks for you help ;-)

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