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How to handle large email so the workqueue does not come overloaded and delays all email delivery


i have one quesiton and i would like your feedbacks :

when a user send an email with a very large attachment to a large list of recipient, the original email is put in the workqueue and all other emails coming after have to wait for the first big message ot be delivered to all recipient ... taking very long time

Exemple : large email with 34Mb attachement sent to 600+ recipient ...

end users feels like their smal email (lets say some kb) are stucked in the ironport ... because ironport has 2700 emails in the workqueue ... delivering all first emails !

How would you handle this ?

i have thought to add a third virtual ESA (not in cluster) and on the "main cluster" i would put content filter saying if attachement is larger than 2Mb then alternate host is the third ESA

So the main ESA workqueue is not full of emails with attachments, and only large emails will be delayed in the third ESA workqueue



Please give me your feedback ... or a solution with the existing ESAs ...

PS : I know it is not possible to create separate workqueue (outgoing), that's why i though of addind another ESA (with standalone configuration)

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One possible solution is to

One possible solution is to create a distribution list for the 600+recipients. Give your customer the DL name. You will only get one message and your mail server will do the expansion.


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I hope I don't sound like a

I hope I don't sound like a wise guy, but I'd recommend using some other mechanism for transferring data of that size.  Why not post the file in the cloud (i.e. Dropbox) and send an http link to it through email? Or use sftp?  Most mail administrators limit SMTP transmissions to 10MB or less these days, so I'd be surprised if all 600+ recipients are receiving the file to begin with.

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