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how to let ironort c370 send all mail relay to an internet mail server


how to let ironort c370 send all mail relay to an internet mail server ?

as i can see ,there is only one option to set the rule?

step 1 create an outgoing content filter ,

step 2 set the action to "sent the mail to Send to Alternate Destination Host

from the help menu,there is some explation about this set.

Send to Alternate Destination Host

Mail host. Changes the destination mail host for the message to the specified mail host.


This action prevents a message classified as spam by an anti-spam scanning engine from being quarantined. This action overrides the quarantine and sends it to the specified mail host.

My question is

1 is this setting right ?

2 will this seting change the quarantine setting according to the help doc?\

thanks a lot.

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Cisco Employee

If I understand correctly,

If I understand correctly, you need to route all Outgoing email to a specific server instead of using the MX records for delivery.  This can be done using SMTP Routes, here is how:


1) Start on the SMTP Routes page of the Network tab

2) Review the current entries:

- Verify all domains associated with Inbound Mail are accounted for

- You can compare this to the Recipient Access Table (RAT) on the Mail Policies tab, which shows all currently configured Inbound domains

2a) If an inbound domain is missing, determine if it should be routed using DNS or to static IPs and then create an SMTP Route using this information

3) Set All Other Domains to the desired destination IP

4) Submit & Commit


Now all Inbound mail will use the domain-specific SMTP Routes, while all outbound mail will use the All Other Domains entry.


I hope this helps!


- Jackie