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How to verify mail flow


When I use the grep-command, I can not view the mail-log. That might be because our Ironports are configured to use centralized logging as we have an M160 and have configured a mailcluster. How do I verify mailflow, seing the details of email being sent, other than using the GUI on the M160? The the "status detail" command, only shows the total numbers. The command "Workqueue" shows the queue. But I haven't found a command to see what's actually going on, if the appliance is in suspended mode, if it's receiving smtp-requests etc..

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How to verify mail flow


You could use the rate command from the CLI on the ESA appliance(s).

You'd get the number of inbound and outbound connections, the total of message processed so far, the number of recipents seen so far.

Just enter the command, choose a refresh period of 1 second and you'll see "in live" how your appliance is behaving.

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Re: How to verify mail flow

Yes, it shows the counters for incoming/outgoing email, but there are no logs to show what's going on in realtime, what emails are being processed etc. Most of the commands in the CLI shows counters. Before, when using the "grep" command, u could choose to view mail_logs. None of the logs available now (21 of them) are mail logs showing what's actually going on.

However, on the management appliance, I can type GREP and choose mail_logs and search for the node in the cluster. So that might be the way to go.

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