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New Member

Image Scanning for DLP?

Does IronPort have anyway to protect against sensitive data leaving my environment via screen shots? We have a problem where we work with a 3rd party vendor and often times they will ask for a screen shot of an application window when an error occurs. The problem with this is often times there is sensitive information included in with the screen shot, credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc.

Any thoughts?

Long live the IRONPORT NATION!

New Member

Re: Image Scanning for DLP?

No thoughts?   Hmm...

Maybe sniffing an image file containing a SSN or CCN is hard for the crooks to do too..

Jason Meyer

Re: Image Scanning for DLP?

Hello Jason,

in addition to Rehan, there is a feature called image analysis (IA) for the IronPort, this is an aditional scanner used by customers who have policies about inappropriate content leaving their network. So no kind of text recognition and the like that would be able to detect credit card numbers from screenshots.



Cisco Employee

Re: Image Scanning for DLP?

Hi Jason,

CIsco IronPort DLP feature currently does not support scanning of sensitive data inside images. As a workaround, you can always detect Media files and bouce/strip/CC to prevent leakage of sensative infromation.

You can always open a Support ticket to file this as feature enhancement.

I hope this will help.



New Member

Re: Image Scanning for DLP?

Thanks for the input guys.   We do have a lot of legitimate e-mails leaving our organization with screen shots in them but we also have a problem with sensitive data leaving via screen shots so may be something that you want to add to the list.   Thanks again for the input.


Hi Rehan,

Hi Rehan,

Any updates on this since the last post?

Is the ESA capable of image or PDF scanning for DLP on the newer versions?