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Import C150 configuration on C160 device

Hi All,

We are planning to upgrade our ESA to a C160 since the C150 is being EOL this year. Is it possible to import the configuration from an older device into the newer device? Anything I should take note of?




Re: Import C150 configuration on C160 device

It think its hit and miss.

The things that come to mind that are issues are ips, hostnames, the secure channel to AD and the machine account. Oh, and if you customized the end user notification pages, they don't come over.

That said, I personally would set up by hand, unless you can take some down time.

If you can take downtime:

1. Get the config off of the 150, turn it off

2. Turn on the 160, set it up with the 150's ips, hostnames, join it to the domain.

3. Restore the config.

When my 160 had a hardware issue and it was replaced, that's what I did...

New Member

Re: Import C150 configuration on C160 device

Hi Jason Walsh,

but one thing though, you Ironport should be on the same version when deploying to a new. Make sure to upgrade your old C150 AsyncOS into same version with your new C160, or else you will not succeed. The important thing is that first things first,

  1. same version.
  2. configure ipaddress and hostname uniquely on both devices.
  3. export the full config into xml
  4. shutdown your old c150
  5. import the full xml config to your c160.
  6. and fine tune some configs a little bit based from what you want to customize.
  7. enjoy!
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