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In search of peers @ Hospitals, Academic Medical Centers

I'm looking for a conversation with my peers. I am a IT security analyst working as the project manager for an implementation of IronPort at a large academic medical center. Here are some questions for our conversation.

What is your setting for the # of matches required to set encryption for messages containing term(s) in HIPAA or PCI dictionary?
How did you reach this number(s)?
What additions did you make to the HIPAA and PCI dictionaries?
Did you publish your dictionary terms and weights to solicit feedback and suggestions from system users? Was that productive?
What weights did you give the new terms and how did you arrive at that number?
Did you set a message expiration time? If so, what is it and what is the rational for that time period?
Our current usage is geared toward administrative and financial personnel but expect clinicians to get on board also. Did you set different policies for separate job roles?
How have you addressed fears that recipients will be less likely to read encrypted email due to the added burden?

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