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Incoming Relay


Considering the following Scenario when receiving mail for :

Internet > Ironport1 > Internet > Ironport2 > Exchange.

An ironport from a sister company receives mail for Then relays the mail over the internet to my Ironport and then my Ironport send it to my user in exchange.

Do I need to setup an Incoming Relay in my Ironport2 for this to work properly?


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Incoming Relay

You would need to if you wanted your IronPort to use the ip address of the Internet (the first one) instead of IronPort1 when making decisions. If you trust IronPort1 to do the sbrs and other checks, then you don't really need to.

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Re: Incoming Relay

You have to trust (emotionally) Ironport 1 before setting this up. I would advice to add the machine (IP1) as a relay host, just to make sure the Senderbase statistics on IP2 stay trustworthy.

By the way: This is an interesting discussion, reading it, two questions pop-up:
1) What will happen with the Reputation score of Ironport 1 if we assume that Ironport 2 uploads statistics to Senderbase? (And if we assume that the systems have a significant load)

2) What will happen if IP1 get's a negative reputation score AND is defined as a relay host? Will it be blocked or still be accepted by IP2?


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