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Ironport c160 cluster problems


I have two Ironport C160 in cluster mode, tonight one of them has stopped working, and I can not access this on, but it responds to ping.

In the system log I found only the following line:

Mon Mar 12 15:30:39 2012 Warning: Error connecting to cluster machine xxxxx (Serial#: xxxxxx-xxxxxx) at IP - Operation timed out - Timeout connecting to remotehost cluster

Mon Mar 12 15:31:09 2012 Info: Attempting to connect via IPxxxxx toxxxxxxxx port 22 (Explicitly configured)

My version is:6.5.3-007

What I can log to find the cause of the problem?

How I can find out what the problem?

How can you solve?

Thank you very much

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Ironport c160 cluster problems

Hello Lara,

have you tried to connect directly to the faulty appliance with a serial cable? Probably a problem with the hardware, in either way, if you cannotaccess it any more, open a ticket fiwth customer support to have the appliance replaced.



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Ironport c160 cluster problems

it is hung the appliance

if you can access appliance go to comand "queuereset" after applince to rebooting

and you can look up os buglist

i know bug list ver 5.5x to interface card bug

so hung the appliance

i resolve os upgrade to the appliance.

Re: Ironport c160 cluster problems

Well, "queuereset" is not a valid command, what you mean is "resetqueue", which I would strongly not recomment  to use without having a very good reason.Because this command removes all messages from the workqueue, delivery queues, and quarantines. There are usually less destructive ways to fix a cluster problem.

BTW, version 5.5 has long been gone, so we won't need to reference any bugs from there any more.