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Ironport C660 wrong power supply order?


I encountered an interesting problem. Network monitoring showed 'something wrong with power supply' - only one time per day.

We tried change power supply input, we checked UPS,... but without solution (all voltage inputs were ok). Then we changed HW power supply (PS1), but after changing, new PS shows the same situation!

Now we checked situation again and here is very an interesting result:

1. both power supplies are attached and operational(!), but snmpwalk shows wrong status:

nnmbb:/root # snmpwalk esa1.<hidden> powerSupplyTable

IronPort.asyncOSAppliances.asyncOSMail.a syncOSMailObjects.powerSupplyTable.powerSupplyEntry.powerSup plyIndex.1: INTEGER: 1

IronPort.asyncOSAppliances.asyncOSMail.asyncOSMailObjec ts.powerSupplyTable.powerSupplyEntry.powerSupplyIndex.2: INTEGER: 2

IronPort.asyncOSAppliances.asyncOSMail.asyncOSMailObjec  ts.powerSupplyTable.powerSupplyEntry.powerSupplyStatus.1: INTEGER:  powerSupplyNoAC  yncOSMailObjects.powerSupplyTable.powerSupplyEntry.powerSupp lyStatus.2:  INTEGER: powerSupplyHealthy

IronPort.asyncOSAppliances.asyncOSMail  .asyncOSMailObjects.powerSupplyTable.powerSupplyEntry.powerS  upplyRedundancy.1: INTEGER: powerSupplyRedundancyLost

IronPort.asyncOSAppliances.asyn  cOSMail.asyncOSMailObjects.powerSupplyTable.powerSupplyEntry  .powerSupplyRedundancy.2: INTEGER: powerSupplyRedundancyOK

IronPort.asyncOSAppliances.asyncO  SMail.asyncOSMailObjects.powerSupplyTable.powerSupplyEntry.p  owerSupplyName.1: DISPLAY STRING- (ascii):  PS 1

IronPort.asyncOSAppliances.asyncOSMail.asyncOSMailObjec  ts.powerSupplyTable.powerSupplyEntry.powerSupplyName.2: DISPLAY STRING-  (ascii):  PS 2

2. after some re-connection power for PS1 situation was changed to normal state:

IronPort.asyncOSAppliances.asyncOSMail.asyncOSMailObjec  ts.powerSupplyTable.powerSupplyEntry.powerSupplyStatus.1: INTEGER:  powerSupplyHealthy

IronPort.asyncOSAppliances.asyncOSMail  .asyncOSMailObjects.powerSupplyTable.powerSupplyEntry.powerS  upplyStatus.2: INTEGER: powerSupplyHealthy

IronPort.asyncOSAppliances.asyncOSMail  .asyncOSMailObjects.powerSupplyTable.powerSupplyEntry.powerS  upplyRedundancy.1: INTEGER: powerSupplyRedundancyOK

IronPort.asyncOSAppliances.asyncO  SMail.asyncOSMailObjects.powerSupplyTable.powerSupplyEntry.p  owerSupplyRedundancy.2: INTEGER: powerSupplyRedundancyOK

3. wrong snmp vs HW order of power supplies:

snmpwalk shows problem with PS1, but display on HW box shows problem with PS2 (E0876 Power PS 2 ...)

AsyncOS version: 7.1.1

HW model: C660

My question is:

- is this well known issue, or not? (I didn't found no bug for this issiu up to 7.1.5 release)

New Member

Ironport C660 wrong power supply order?

Hello Martin,

This does not appear to be a known issue and due to it's potential complexity, it may be best to contact Cisco IronPort Customer Support. You can open a Support Request directly from the Actions section, at the top-right of this thread. This will automatically include your comments from above and allow a support engineer to contact you, directly.



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