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IronPort ESA best practice for DNS servers?


Is there a best practice for what servers should be used for the Cisco IronPort DNS servers?

Currently when I check our configuration, we have set it to "Use these DNS servers" and the first two are our domain controllers and last two are Google DNS.

Is there a best practice way of doing this? I'm thinking of selecting the "Use the Internet's Root DNS Servers" option as I can't really see an advantage of using internal DC's.


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Best practice is to use

Best practice is to use Internet Root DNS Servers and define specific dns servers for any domain that you need to give different answers for. Since internal mail delivery is controlled by smtproutes using internal dns servers is normally not required.


If you must use internal dns servers I recommend servers dedicated to your Ironports and not just using servers that handle enterprise lookups as well. Ironports can place a very high load on dns servers because every outside connection results in multiple dns lookups. (forward, reverse, sbrs)

If you don't have enough dns horsepower you are susceptible to a DOS attack either through accident or design. If the Ironports overload your internal dns servers it can impact your entire enterprise.

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