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IronPort MailFlow Central Database Size



Is there a way to increase the database storage size for mail flow central without re installing it?  I cut down the # of months to store data, but this didn't do anything.  Can you increase the storage capacity of the database without re-installing it?  We are using 85% of the database right now.

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Unfortunately - from Cisco -

Unfortunately - from Cisco - MFC (Mail Flow Central) is no-longer supported and was end-of-life July 2011.

Please see our EOL page:


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I realize this thread is a

I realize this thread is a bit dated now, but in case anyone else needs this answer...

Yes, you can increase it by changing the config file using these instructions:

1. Stop the Mail Flow Central service.
2. Stop the MySQL service.
3. Make a backup copy of your my.cnf file — my.cnf.bak.
4. Use a text editor of your choice (one that will not imbed any formatting or RTF
information into a plain text document) to edit the c:/my.cnf file.
5. Change the maximum database size from the current value (this size is set to 10GB by
default in Mail Flow Central version 1.2) to your new desired value. You must never
reduce the value in the file. Find the following line in your file:
innodb_data_file_path = ibdata1:10G:autoextend:max:10G
Increase the value indicated after the string “max:” For example, to change the maximum
database size from 10GB to 90GB, the modified line would look like this:
innodb_data_file_path = ibdata1:10G:autoextend:max:90G
6. Save the c:/my.cnf file and exit the editor.
7. Start the MySQL service.
8. Once the MySQL service has started, start the Mail Flow Central service.

Hope that helps someone.

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Hi! I still have Mailflow



I still have Mailflow Central and I want to increase the database size, I follow your method but as soon as I start the Mail Flow Central Service the size of the database comes back to 10... I need to do something else?


Also, I find 2 my.cnf files, one inside  \Program Files\IronPort Systems\Mail Flow Central\db\data and another one inside \Program Files\IronPort Systems\Mail Flow Central\mailFC\sql; Which one did you modify?


Thanks for your help!!

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Actually, it's neither of

Actually, it's neither of those two-- those are just sample files.  Edit the one in the root of C:\.

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It worked!!! Thank you!!! One

It worked!!!


Thank you!!!


One doubt, just for curiosity: If some time later I need to extend the db again and I already have information in it, its possible to increase again or I will lose my data?



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Yes, you should be able to

Yes, you should be able to increase it again without losing your data.  But back it up first-- just in case.  ;-)

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Oks! Thanks for your help!! :



Thanks for your help!! :)

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