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New Member

Ironport outgoing mail setup


This is first time i am working on ironport technology.

At one of my client we are configuring the cisco ironport for demo purpose.i have install the virtual ironport image in Ucs server and done the basic setup for same.i just want to send outgoing mail through the do i start and how do i test this in live setup.

what configuration i need to do in ironport to forwand outgoing mails.

once the mail start to go through ironport i will configure remaining thing.I am using phoebe-8-0-0-671-C000V image.


Wajid Dabir

Cisco Employee

Ironport outgoing mail setup


Check the HAT and use the ESA as relay specifying the email server.

Take a look to this document:


Luis Silva

"If you need PDI (Planning, Design, Implement) assistance feel free to reach us"

Luis Silva "If you need PDI (Planning, Design, Implement) assistance feel free to reach us"
New Member

Hi Wajid

Hi Wajid

How r u trying to send the e-mail. If you just want to send a test email via ironing itself using CLI, you can use the telnet commands for it ehlo or helo .First of all you need to have listeners configured for inbound /outbound connection

Before make sure u have port 25 is open incase of any firewall in between. 

Cisco Employee

Hi Wajid,

Hi Wajid,

To allow emails to be send outbound your exchange or relay server would need to point to one of the listeners configured on the ESA.

The listener should be configured with a sendergroup with Relay action, default named Relaylist.

Once the IP is added to the HAT Relaylist the connections from that server would be treated as outbound and emails should be delivered using SMTP routes or DNS lookups.

You can also add a desktop IP for testing to the HAT Relaylist and use telnet to send emails as mentioned in the below article.


Libin Varghese