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IronPort request upgrade



I have an appliance with version 7.5, how can I request to get the upgrade to async 8?

If i go to system upgrade it states that there is no upgrade

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Assuming you are in support,

Assuming you are in support, you should be able to raise a support ticket from the UI/CLI and request that your device's serial number be put on the 'upgrade list'.

This is what I did and it only took a few hours for me to get the latest and greatest 8.5.*

Cisco Employee

If you are not seeing an

If you are not seeing an available path to 8.0.1-023, or you would like to get an FCS (8.5.6) build - please notify us via a support case.  We'll need to get your serial number(s) for the appliance and add to the correct provisioning group.  For security and verification purposes, we cannot do such requests via the public forums.

Further assistance?  Questions?  Product Support/Downloads/Support Case

Also - please note - that all Cx50 appliances will not upgrade past 7.6.3; only Cx60/Cx70/Cx80 models are able to upgrade 8.0+.

I hope this helps!



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