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Ironport Response issue

:oops: The Ironport like no response , it need 5 minutes more to response when i enter any command in Ironport command line . it like hang up .
And I also need to waiting for a long time when i login the Ironport web GUI. I also found the System status is "Offline". The Ironport AsynOS is 5.5

Anyone meet this question before ? please give me some proposal.

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Re: Ironport Response issue

Hi there Sam, Offline in the GUI means that tha appliance is not processing any mail, basically Offline refers to the listeners being suspended.
Latency issue could be down to wrong duplex setting on the interface, if you need to change this from the CLI (Or Serial Cable if it's quicker) use etherconfig to change to correct duplex speed. If that's not the problem it could be DNS?

To bring the unit to a "Online" status, access the CLI and use teh command "resume" this will bring all the listeners back up and running and processing mail.

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Re: Ironport Response issue

Hi monkeymadness:
:D Really thx for your reply , Actually The Ironport work properly again and the system status return "online" when i disconnect it's network cable physically. But there is no any error in the System log .Now I try to return the ironport to the Product line .
Eventually , I wonder what's your mean DNS problem maybe ?

Please tell me some suggest or proposal .


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