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Ironport Spam

Hi All,

Over the past two weeks, I have suddenly started receiving a huge amount of spam.Prior to this time, there was almost nothing of spam received at all.Nothing has changed in my Ironport settings. Anyone suddenly experiencing something similar?

New Member

Ironport Spam

We've seen the same thing. I opened a ticket with TAC and they had me update to the latest version. We just did that within the past few days, so no feedback as yet on whether it helped.

Cisco Employee

Ironport Spam

Assure that all of your processes and rulesets are updated:

> antispamupdate ironport force

> outbreakupdate force

> repengupdate force

After ~5 minutes - you should be able to check status and see current/up-to-date time stamps on the engine and rules:

> antispamstatus ironport

> repengstatus

> outbreakstatus

Depending on what you have licensed, and active - your results may vary.

If you have a strong, repetative sender or subject - you can check the Threat Outbreaks, and see if there is a current hot topic that is trending you may be facing:

If so - the more submittals, the quicker we are able to help update and push rules to help everyone:

Submit Spam Instructions

Save the email as a .eml file

Attach the file to an email and send to the following:

Cisco IronPort Anti-Spam

Report undetected spam to:

Report false-positives to:

Phishing Spam

Report phising attempts to:

Marketing Spam

Report marketing spam false positives to:

Report marketing spam false negatives to:

Please be aware that neither the automatic nor the manual submissions will result in an automatic response from our AntiSpam team, so in case you would like feedback, please let us know how the submissions were done, when it was done, and the email address used for the submission.

For more information on submitting spam, then please review:

Hope this helps!


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New Member

Ironport Spam

Hade the same with one C170, seems there was a bad engine update somwhere aound 18th/19th of februari which stopped the reputation engine from running.  Was fixed after a "repengupdate force"  .

It was easy to spot since there were no hits on stopped by reputation on the summary page..