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New Member

Is there a possibility to have per listener mail_logs


I would appreciate to have an option to specify per listener mail_logs subscription location/filename.

This way one can look at option to have domains/customer based logging and individual log processing for reporting for the ESA.

Is this present as a feature request or in the roadmap under ESA.


Yogesh Padharia

Cisco Employee

Re: Is there a possibility to have per listener mail_logs

Hi Yogesh,

While the appliance does not currently have this specific functionality you should be able to parse the logs externally by listener using a simple shell script, or something like perl. The IP address of the listener is listed within the ICID of each message. It would simply be a matter of parsing out each ICID, pulling that data out and associating it with its relevant MID.

The message tracking feature on the SMA , M series, does go as far as listing the specific appliance the message comes in on but I do not believe it will allow you make a specific query based on listener.  This is a great suggestion and I will be happy to create a feature request so that this functionality can be considered for addition to a future release.

Christopher C Smith
Cisco IronPort Customer Support 

New Member

Re: Is there a possibility to have per listener mail_logs

Thanks Chris for adding to a feature request queue.


Yogesh Padharia

On 19-Nov-2010, at 2:03, "chsmith3"

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