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Latest MailFlow Central Version

we have the MailFlow Central Version 1.3.0 (013) and small problems. these messages come every day by e-mail:


Timeout during SCP listing

Version : Version 1.3.0 (013)


An error has occured:

Error while trying to fetch log files from Host Error: 'SID 1 Connection to host '' failed - (10038, 'Socket operation on non-socket')'

Version : Version 1.3.0 (013)


what is the latest version from MailFlow Central and where can i update?
thanks from the answere

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Re: Latest MailFlow Central Version


The latest version MFC is 1.4 but I'm not sure if you will be able to get it and if it will solve your problem.

We could get the 1.4 version by giving our sales man an Email. The main difference between 1.3 and 1.5 is in the MySQL corner and allows you to handle a larger database. Since the functionality MFC offers is now part op AsyncOS I would not be surprised if Ironport will push you into that direction. To be honest, the onboard (or centralized via the M series) message tracking gives much more detail than MFC provided.

The SCP timeout you see might be caused by a slow network connection (maybe an Ethernet duplex problem) of a very large number of files on your C series.
You can GREP your mailflow central logs (grep for "0" and paginate your output) to see what is the oldest line in your log) to see if the number of files you keep is reasonable. Under normal circumstances keeping one week of logs for MFC is more than enough.

I hope this helps you (a little)


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Re: Latest MailFlow Central Version

We've just finished an eval of the M-Series appliance and I have to say that overall we were very impressed.

The speed of message tracking queries was vastly improved over MFC and the larger number of configurable reports helped us too. Also the reports are much more pleasing to the eyes. Also it handled a large database much better than MFC.

The only complaint I had was the inability to schedule CSV format reports, but that's been fixed in the latest release.

I've made a recommendation to purchase one and then we can finally dump MFC :P

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Re: Latest MailFlow Central Version

Here are a couple of suggestions for the SCP timeout error:

1) Make sure there are <100>100 log files, MFC has a higher possiblity for causing a SCP timeout during the listing for the files.

2) Make sure the size of the log files are <25MB. This will help MFC download and process the files faster. It will also provide more up-to-date information on your mail flow.

3) Check to see when you are getting the error messages. Your IronPort might be under a high load at that time which would cause a slower response to the MFC scp request.

If these timeouts only occuring once a day at the same time, I won't worry about the error since MFC will grab all of the logs during the next SCP session.

In regards to MFC 1.4, it is a point release, designed to address performance issues experienced by customers running MFC with very high mail volumes. As 1.4 contains no new features nor bug fixes, customers running MFC 1.3 should upgrade only if their MFC instance is failing to keep up with new log files.

There is a downside on going to MFC 1.4 and that is it removes all of the current data in the database.

I would highly recommend going to the M-Series, since it contains many enhancements over MFC.

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