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New Member

LDAP Accept query for "catch all" domains

I'm far from an LDAP expert so I'm posting this both as a "look what I did!" and an "is there a better way?"

The query feels fairly typical until the end where I look for "absolute-catchall@[the domain]". Effectively this accepts "anything"@"domain." Is this what you do? Is there a better way? Is this already in the manual somewhere :)


New Member

Re: LDAP Accept query for "catch all" domains

I don't think these kind of tricks are in the handbook, but you're not the only one using something like this. A similar query was posted here:

I'm using this to skip recipient checking for domains where i'm only acting as backup MX and can't verify the addresses.

Re: LDAP Accept query for "catch all" domains

That's pretty close to the solution that I came up with. Glad to see others doing the same thing.

Now if there was just a solution that allow the ironport to rewrite an alias on the same domain as a catchall without me having to pass it through 3 listeners... That would be great!