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Licensing for Cisco ESA c380

I am putting a recommendation together for a client to upgrade their existing Cisco ESAs and trying to figure out how the licensing works.

We are looking at c380s across multiple sites, upgrade from their current models which are c160s. Questions:

1.) Do the mailbox licenses need to be procured separately for each c380. For e.g., if the total mailbox no. is 20000 across 4 sites, can the mailbox licenses be bought together and 'split' on individual installs of c380s OR they have to be bought separately for each c380.

2.) If upgrading from the existing ESAs to new, can the licenses be imported from the existing c160s (which will be decommissioned) and exported to the new ESAs?


Cisco Employee

1) each hardware appliance is

1) each hardware appliance is licensed separately.  You'll need to work with account team/reseller to provide the #/size license as appropriate.

2) If upgrading - yes, you'll just need to transfer the existing "as-is" license from the serial number of the existing appliance to the serial number of the newly purchased appliance.  Should be fairly exact to the RMA steps provided in the following article:

I hope this helps!


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