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Limiting the number of messages per delivery connection

This question is directed to the IronPort folks here.

Yahoo has a silly requirement that each SMTP connection can carry a maximum of only five messages. I'd like to use destination controls to enforce this on my end to prevent unnecessary mail delay, but destination controls don't allow this. I can limit the number of recipients per minute and the number of concurrent connections, but not the number of messages per connection. Are there any plans to add more knobs and buttons to destination controls to address this sort of situation?


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Re: Limiting the number of messages per delivery connection

At the moment you can do this using the "setmsgperconnect" command, however the setting is global so it will apply to all destinations, not just Yahoo. From what we've seen at other customers the impact of dropping this to 5 for all destinations is generally not noticeable.

We're considering adding this into destination config, although at this stage there's no ETA on it.

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