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Local IronPort Update Server

Is it possible to configure a local server to function as the IronPort update server and serve as a repository for the spam and antivirus signatures? Instead of allowing each IronPort device to access the internet we'd like to be able to control the access into and out of the network to a single point.


I believe the answer is no, but can't seem to come to a definite conclusion.  Any thoughts?

Cisco Employee

No - this wouldn't be

No - this wouldn't be possible - as this would invalidate the security behind the IDE/rule sets tied to the processes, and/or engine updates.  We would see it as a security gap to allow local servers to be allowed to store and push the said-tied process signatures.

I hope this helps!



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New Member

Surely there must be a way to

Surely there must be a way to update the IDE files when the devices do not have access to the internet.

I have this exact requirement and were advised that this was possible.

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