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Locking down users

I'm trying to find a way to give access to some IT staff in some of our smaller sites, but I'm not finding exactly what I'd like to do. Our hope is that we can give them access similar to the "Help desk user" preset (locks them down to only the message tracking screen). Unfortunately, we'd also like to restrict what domains they are able to track messages for, but I'm not able to find any way to restrict them other than the pre-made categories.

Anyone ever done anything like that before, or know if it's even possible?

New Member

Re: Locking down users

Hello -

We do not have that ability available in Message Tracking. You might be able to work around this limitation by having certain admins / help desk users only have access to certain appliances (if you could limit each site's appliance to handle only certain domains). You might chose to only give these help desk users quarantine access for simple tasks, or perhaps delegate only the more savvy help desk folks with more access.

Take care!

Andrew Wurster

New Member

Re: Locking down users

Thanks for the reply! I don't really have any way to limit them to certain appliances, but if our sites had dedicated hardware, that would definitely work.

If possible, I would like to make that a feature request. For my purposes, adding in an "Allowed domains" type setting in the user setup and then only allowing them to interact with messages to or from that domain would be perfect.