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New Member

M670 running 8.1.1-013 pegs out CPU on Show Details

Bug in Message Tracking with messages that have high recipient counts?

For the past couple of versions on our M670 we have noticied that if we try to show message tracking details for certain search results, the CPU will peg out to 100% on the M670 for 5 minutes or so.  We used to have to reboot the appliance to clear this but with the last software update (not sure if a fix was implemented) it seems to come out of it on its own after 5-10 minutes.

This seems to happen on messages that have more than a hundred recipients and message tracking shows (no sender) (no recipient) (empty subject)Capture.PNG

Anyone else seeing this?

Cisco, thoughts?

I can reproduce it on this message anytime we click on the "Show Details" link.

Cisco Employee

M670 running 8.1.1-013 pegs out CPU on Show Details

Hi Jason,

I was not able to track any bug that is relevant to the issue. I suggest opening a case with TAC so that we can file a new defect if required.

Best regards,


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