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Message Filter Timing

I have a C300 running 6.4.0-273.

I have a couple of message filters that act on message envelope information. Are the message filters active during the opening SMTP conversation, such that the message filter could act on a message before the message is received? These filters act on such things as mail from or recipient to name.

I am trying to determine if I should bounce a message or drop it if the filter acts upon it. If the message has already been received, and the filter catches it, then I probably would just drop it to avoid backscatter. If the message has not been received when the filter catches it (i.e., during the opening SMTP handshake), then I would like to bounce it before it ever gets started in.


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Re: Message Filter Timing

If you plan to reject a message at the smtp conversation and not after the message is accepted, then you would need to apply any changes at the HAT ( for mail from host or IP) or use RAT to reject messages for some recipients in your domain (or Ldap validation is another option).

Sine filters apply at the work queuen by which message is accepted by the IronPort, so conversational bounce cannot be generaÞed.

Re: Message Filter Timing

Thanks, kyerramr. I thought that was the case but couldn't find specific documentation on it. LDAP is my solution, but it's not quite here yet.

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