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Message Tracking Automation?

Is it possible to automate message tracking such that I can have an automated report on what a specific recipient receives during a 24 hour period be generated and sent to that users supervisor? I would hate to have to do that manually every day.


Re: Message Tracking Automation?

You cannot do that, neither on C-series or M-series.
You can however, either do that via text processing of the mail_logs.

i.e. scp mail_logs to your local processing server, run query (aka grep) for what you need.

I can do something on MFC...but MFC is depreciated.

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Re: Message Tracking Automation?

hello -

i know i've been crying 'feature request' quite a bit but this is another good opportunity to do so. you can either work directly with your Cisco IronPort sales account team to elicit your request, OR try check out our new template to use when opening a support case to tell customer support about your issue directly.

below is a drafted version. feel free to reference it for now until we get the knowledge base updated.



Please fill out the following form to help us guage and understand your request. You may include it as your initial problem description when opening a support case. Once received, a customer support engineer will review your input and work with you to ensure your feature request is handled appropriately.

Feature Request Form

1. List the product(s) that your desired change should affect (AsyncOS for ESA/WSA/SMA, PostX, IEA, plug-in, etc).

2. List the applicable version(s) of the affected product(s).

3. Please describe how the current limitation(s) impact your business.

4. Describe how the system's behavior could change or be enhanced to facilitate your business needs.

5. If you have a particular vision for how this would be implemented in the user interface, please outline that.

6. Feel free to leave any additional comments below.

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Re: Message Tracking Automation?

This can be done with Splunk, they currently offer a free 500MB licence. This basically indexes all your log data, either via UDP or local file indexing, you can create custom searches in it and schedule these searches to mail you the results. This can even be achieved in graph format based on the results.

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