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Message Tracking Question

We installed a C150 in our office and we enabled Message tracking on the day we installed the device. However when we try to find messages all the way back to October (the 13th, the day we installed it) there were no results found. At the top of the message tracking page we have this:
Available Time Range: 13 Oct 2008 15:04 to 23 Dec 2008 12:50 (GMT -0500)
Data in time range: 99.98% complete

Is there any way we can track messages back that far?

I do have a support case open, but I wanted to see if anyone else has that issue.

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Re: Message Tracking Question

If you are looking to track messages from the date range mentioned, login to the appliance through CLI (ssh session) and use the "findevent" command to track messages.

If you are able to find the messages you are looking through CLI and not able to trace those messages through message tracking then we have an issue with the appliance based on the version. Support engineer should be able to identify this for you.

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Re: Message Tracking Question

The following article is in the knowledge base:

Earliest 15% of Tracking Data Is Not Currently Available for Querying
Why does the "Available Time Range" appear to be missing the oldest data?
This is a known centralized message tracking issue in which the earliest 15% of tracking data is not currently available for querying. However, the appliance retains the data, and the data will be available for querying after this issue has been resolved.

A future release will provide access to 100% of the time range in the tracker database.

This is Defect ID 39471.

Hope this will explain your problems (the only way to find the missing part is via the CLI-find/grep command).


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