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MFC 1.3 Logging Issues

I have a c150 with MFC 1.3. This is my problem;

I retrieved the month of May logs but it gave me May 1-3 reports only.

Is there anyone here...who had the same issue?

MFC Services were running. Please help..

Support recommended to upgrade to 1.4 and all logs would be wiped out.
But on the KB, i read it can be done without the logs being wiped out , just following the procedures .

Can someone enlighten me? Thank you

New Member

Re: MFC 1.3 Logging Issues

MFC can be fun sometimes. Definitely the upgrade to 1.4 will help; you should be able to preserve the old data as well during the upgrade, although with MFC it's sometimes best to start clean if you can do it.

However, are you certain that the logs you retrieved contain the more than just May 1-3? Do you not have the MFC server polling the IronPort automatically?

Here's my method of doing an MFC upgrade or re-install:

  1. Stop all of the MFC and MySQL Services
  2. Make a copy of the IronPort install folder "C:\Program Files\IronPort Systems\Mail Flow Central\"
  3. Uninstall MFC 1.3
  4. Proceed with the install of MFC 1.4 as a new install
  5. Shut down the MFC and MySQL services
  6. Copy the db folder that's located in "Mail Flow Central\db" (from your copy before the install) on top of "C:\Program Files\IronPort Systems\Mail Flow Central\db" (just like the KB Article says)
  7. Startup the MySQL and then the MFC Services.

You should be looking at your old data.

In the event the upgrade/install goes south I can:

  1. Uninstall the new version
  2. Install the old version
  3. Ensure all the IronPort services are stopped
  4. Copy my backup I made earlier into the IronPort install folder in C:\Program Files.
  5. Restart the MFC services, should see the old environment again.

I've only had to revert once, and it turned out to be a hardware issue yet the backup worked fine on the new server. I've also used a variation of this method to transfer MFC from one server to another.

Did you say you have only one C-150? What firmware are you currently running on your C-150?